Joining Routine

Joining Routine: ( For the Association)

Please complete the following documents and return/submit per instructions in the docs:

Consent Form

Privacy Statement

Registration Form

New Joiners Standing Order

The above documents are in PDF format. Please save, complete (electronically or print) and return as prescribed.

Joining Routine: (For the Website)

Fully paid up member of the association can Register or Login using these link.

Any problems please contact the Secretary: Mick Timpson.

Historical note:

Naval impressment

The Crown claimed a permanent right to seize men of seafaring experience for the Royal Navy, and the practice was at various times given parliamentary authority.   Impressment was vigorously enforced during the naval wars of the 18th century by Acts passed in 1703, 1705, 1740 and 1779.  

The men pressed into service were usually sailors in the merchant fleets, but might just as often be ordinary apprentices and labourers. During the wars with France from 1793 to 1815, an impress service operated in British coastal towns. 

Although further laws passed in 1835 upheld the power to impress, in practice it fell into disuse after 1815.  

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