Micks B & B

Another story I remember well is during my time with Mick as my boss of the GDA Yeovilton 1975/76. It was a friday afternoon and Mick asked me what I had planned for the weekend, and if I would be going ashore. I told him that because it was so expensive for a taxi back to the camp from the town, I think about £10.00 at the time, that we couldn’t afford to, and so would be staying onboard. He had recently moved to a house in Preston Road ?
and said instead of going all the way back to the camp we could kip in his garage.
Four of us turned up about 2am and in the garage was camp beds, sleeping bags, a flask of tea and sandwiches.
Early in the morning we were woken up by son Steve looking through the window and promptly shouting,’ dad there’s somebody sleeping in the garage” and then out came Mick and Barbara with Bacon Butties and a cup of tea. I will always remember you Mick for your Kindness, Generosity, and concern for us all. RIP .