I first met Mick 1975/76 as a very young EM(AW) I was drafted to the GDA at Yeovilton. Mick was then the PO of the GDA and one of the first things he asked me was did I know the Armourers song. I had to admit that i did not.
A hour or so later he handed me a piece of paper, and written on the paper were the words to the very same song. I was given the rest of the day and night to learn the words and the tune.
The following day I had to stand in the middle of the GDA and sing the Armourers song on my own in front of all the staff. It’s a good idea I had been a choir boy in civvy street lol.
I was then invited on many Bombhead run ashore organised by Mick and have many great memories of a great man.
RIP Mick